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Friday, May 05, 2006

WAVE BOOKS...Farm Poets...

This offer via Wave Books' website: "A 12-acre (uncertified) organic fruit & vegetable farm is open to poets willing to work for four good hours a day in exchange for room, board, and a new environment in which to write. There are no workshops, there is no formal or official feedback on poems, no academic credit, and no money exchanged. Our young orchards and fields are beautiful, not visible from the road. The setting for farmwork is ideal, since the land is not along the highway and the views from the back are pastoral and bucolic. (Horses next door, cows behind, with gently rolling hills and farms surrounding.) Our house, however, is on the state highway, so the setting does not appear immediately enticing. All of the beauty is out back. We live in a small old farmhouse, built in the 1890’s by Swedish immigrants, cozy but plain." More...

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