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Sunday, June 04, 2006

English 289

So I’ve been tweaking my syllabus for the upcoming Poetry Workshop I teach at NC STATE University. Since I haven’t yet found a comprehensive enough text (outside of the Introductory handbook we use--which contains several poems) I supplement quite extensively by creating a kind of 20-poet mini-anthology of photocopied poems. These poems I often use as examples of one sort of turn, tool, convention, mode, etc. The poets included are: Charles Bernstein, T.S. Eliot, Adam Zagajewski, Dean Young, Gertrude Stein, W. C. Williams, Charles Bukowski, Yusef Kamanyakaa, Franz Wright, John Berryman, Billy Collins, Theodore Roethke, Lisa Jarnot, Sharon Olds, Wallace Stevens, Robert Bly, Rosemarie Waldrop, Allen Ginsberg, Charles Wright, Jeffrey McDaniel, and A. R. Ammons.

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