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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Heading to Denver for the AWP Conference.

Excited about the Denver AWP trip. Going to do a reading (Historic Falcon--see previous post for my upcoming readings) with some buds and solid poets, and then a book signing Friday at the Mississippi Review table (from 1:30-2:45). That should be an interesting experience.

Anyway, I just finished submitting a panel proposal for next year's AWP conference in D.C.

The title? "The Art of the Blurb."

That's right. It's time The Blurb got some rhetorical attention. It's a full fledged genre. The panel, should it "make," will consist of myself, John Gallaher, Chris Tonelli, Mary Biddinger, and Janet Holmes. Our goal is to cover all bases and perspectives (publisher, reader, author, blurber, etc).

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