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Monday, May 02, 2011

Tourist Trap, NY (Episode 4)


Mitch said...


I enjoy thinking about the scale of things as well. It's oftentimes an exercise in exploring humility, or conversely all of the ways in which one is conceited.

There are many ways to compare enormous scales like this in addition to physical dimensions, such as the length of time this body lives in comparison to where time itself begins and ends, or comparison of simple quantities such as the number of people in your community or on the planet, or the number of living things in one's own yard, or even the number of bacteria in one's own body.

There are also other ways of exploring humility that are not related to scales, if loss of ego is actually what you are interested in. A single 20-minute session of insight meditation can grant a taste of this.

Cary, NC

christopher salerno said...

Hi, Mitch. A lot to think about in your comment! I'm on my way out the door (back to Manhattan, actually) at the moment, but I certainly agree with you about humility, and also the role of meditation for that matter. I practice transcendental meditation, and yoga when I can. I find these to be neutralizers. I also find that when playing an instrument for a significant period of time I am likewise in a self-evaporative state.

Mitch said...

Chris, I'm heading an effort to start a nonprofit, and the board of directors has engineered a mission statement--but we would like a true wordsmith to massage it and to play around a bit, if you would be so willing. If not, that's okay, just let me know. Here it is:

"Our mission is to advance peaceful existence by sparking dialogue, compassion, and awareness. We bridge boundaries among diverse groups through education, services, outreach, and advocacy. We seek to curtail violence and to mitigate conditions leading to violence, locally and globally."

christopher salerno said...

Hey, Mitch. I'd be happy to lend my thoughts to the language. Maybe you could tell me a bit more about the project? Send me an email at salerno50@hotmail.com.

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