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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Suggestive suggestions?

This weekend I'm heading up to D.C. to read at the Burlesque Poetry Hour reading series. The protocol at these readings dictates that the reader remove some article or accessory from his/her body following their reading (article is then auctioned to the highest bidder). And so, it's time to consider. Generally, I have little experience stripping for money. Thus far, BPH "stripped" articles have consisted of: earings, a thong, various t-shirts and other shirts Hawiian or otherwise, red silk pants (Ken, you devil), sock puppet, a belt, and an invisible cloak of poetry potential. So...?


Ross White said...

Headband and wristbands, a la the 2004 Pistons?

Chris Tonelli said...

Man, I already gave you mine...be wearing a bra the whole time and when it comes to stripping time, slinkily thread it out from under your shrt.