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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

From The District

Well, I've just returned from my Burlesque Poetry Hour reading at the Bar Rouge in D.C., and it couldn't have been more fun. Before the reading, I managed to buzz over to the National Gallery, where unfortunately I had missed the DADA exhibit (off to NY by now) but did manage to see some interesting work nonetheless. It was nice to see some of the Hudson Valley paintings I've long admired (Cole, Durand et al--I love their embellishments!) and of course some A-side Picasso and Matisse work, which one rarely sees in the provincial galleries. So little time. All that was left of the DADA exhibit were a few remaining books in the gift shop, one of which (Duchamp's Letters) I picked up for only 7 bucks!

The reading was intimate and warm. Thanks so much to Reb, Carly, Sandra, and Karl who were such super people it made it hard to leave. Sandra and Karl read such wonderful work, and I left feeling bouyed and inspired to get back to my new manuscript. And I managed to sell a few books, and meet some sweet people.

In other news, I most definitely lamed out on the big strip tease, but my shirt did fetch 30 bucks in the post-reading strip-auction. It was so hot, I was glad to see it go. Funny pictures forthcoming!!

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Sandra said...

Hey there--

Pleasure to meet, and enjoyed hearing your work. I'll be on the lookout for that next book. If you ever return to DC and need a tour guide (those tricky underground walkways), let me know!

Cheers, Sandra