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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Various Sundries

Justin Marks has written and published a thoughtful review of Whirligig in H_NGM_N.
The two title poems from Whirligig, titled "Whirligig" and "Girligig" are published in the new print edition of Verse Magazine. It's a giant issue. The magnificent Chris Tonelli also appears courtesy of the state of Massachusetts.
This (novel written via text message) interests me, mostly for any idiosyncrasies it may contain...that and I want to study its syntax and grammar.
I've done several passes now of my new book manuscript (tentatively titled There Are Airs). It's tightening up a bit, thanks to the help of some sharp-eared pals of mine, and many exciting hours. I'm trying to have it ready for February send-out to presses.
Former Poet Laureate Billy Collins is reading on the North Carolina State University campus where I teach. I wonder the amount of his stipend.
As a counter to the Collins' shout, here's a wonderful bit of Ginsberg video that gets me out of my seat.


Ross White said...

$15 a ticket for Billy Collins.


John Gallaher said...

How long has Verse been out? I haven't seen it yet.

My mail is very slow.

christopher said...


Hi. I think i've had it now for nearly two weeks. Might be time to fire off an email?


John Gallaher said...

Oh bother, as Pooh would say, though I don't make it a habit of quoting Pooh.